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Help us provide educational, humanitarian, financial, charitable, and cultural programs in both the United States and Palestine

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Our mission is to help provide educational, humanitarian, financial, charitable, and cultural programs. We want to promote social interaction and to enhance & promote the interaction of its members to the Arabic culture and to descendants of Beiteen living throughout the America.

We Have the Power to Impact The Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

Below are some of the current project we are working on right now

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With the current global crises, see what Beiteen Association is doing to help ease the pain


This Ramadan we are focusing on feeding those in need.

Educational Programs

Proper education is the key to the future and we’re trying to make it accesible to those who don’t have access. 

Our Board Members

PRESIDENT | Joudeh Aziz Hamed

Joudeh Aziz Hamed was born and raised in Beiteen in 1956. He is a husband, a father of 6 and the eldest of 14 siblings. Joudeh is a small business owner as well. Joudeh has always made a priority of giving back to his home community in Beiteen.

It is his goal to ensure that the newer generation of youth is able to understand their roots and culture as well as build relationships with one another. Joudeh believes that faith, dedication, respect and teamwork will create a strong organization for Beiteen.


Mazen Tawfiq Musa originally from Beiteen is a married, father of five. He is self-employed, small business owner.

He graduated from UW Parkside in political science and economics in 1990. He then received a early childhood education administration degree in 2019 from Gateway Technical College. He joined the association to serve all his Beiteeni family locally and abroad.

SECRETARY | Sheila Badwan

Sheila was born in Raleigh, NC, raised in Greenville, NC and an active community member in Milwaukee. She graduated in 2005 with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Management from East Carolina University.
Sheila is a cofounder of an Interfaith group of women in Milwaukee called Open Arms. Sheila is currently the lead for the Hanan RRG Milwaukee Chapter. She works heavily with refugees and immigrant populations in the Milwaukee community. She is married and a devoted mom of 2 kids. One of her kids is partially deaf and has epilepsy. Sheila believes it is important in building bridges among various communities. She has worked in Wisconsin establishing relationships with many various cultures, communities and religions on refugee/immigrant issues. She is devoted in working to help unite the Beiteeni family locally and abroad for many generations to come.

TREASURER | Geny Musetief

Geny Museitef was born in Racine, WI and lived in Jordan for six years. She is currently a junior at UW-Parkside majoring in a Biological Science. She is the President of Muslim Student Association and was also the Secretary for two years.

She is currently a Reporter for Parkside’s Journal of Science. She published an article “The Burning Diversity Ashes of The Amazon Rainforest” in the Journal of Making a Connection Volume I Issue II. She is currently doing research with mice and will be continuing to do so in the summer. She is excited in joining and wants to help her locally and abroad Beiteeni family.


Asaad was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He did spend four years of his childhood living in Beiteen. Asaad graduated from Ronald Regan High School.

He continued his education at the Milwaukee Area Technical College. He is currently a small business owner of a Milwaukee area cellular store. Asaad loves giving back and helping his community. He is devoted in doing his best to help out all Beiteeni members.

My Experience Working With Beiteen Association Has Been Life Changing. It’s Amazing To Be Part Of A Charitable Organization That Practices What They Preach. May Allah Accept Their Efforts

- Abu Dawood

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